Jon Palmer Solo

As well as appearing with the Jon Palmer Acoustic Band, Jon is also spending more and more time performing solo gigs, and/or gigs with just 1 or 2 members from the full band.

The solo gigs in particular feature various complete re-workings of popular band songs so they better suit the solo format.

Jon is a regular attendee at his local folk club, Otley Folk Club, where he often performs his new songs for the first time at Singers Nights, and also regularly does floor spots for visiting feature acts.

Jon is now taking bookings around the country at folk clubs and acoustic venues.

“self-effacing yet wholly engaging, Jon Palmer is a great songwriter who always delivers, live” RnR Magazine

“a first class singer-songwriter” Reg Meuross

“the stunning and unique vocals of Jon Palmer….. an evocative voice that sits somewhere between contemporary and the polished 50s style….. his vocal are an enviable and joyous experience”

Email –

Mobile – 07712 680227

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